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Splicing screen scheme - 46 inch 3 * 3 LCD splicing system solutions

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Previously, a company of hunan by shenzhen shunda glory technology co., LTD. LCD splicing system solutions to complete 3 * 3 LCD splicing wall display project, the project of liquid crystal splicing wall to adopt advanced technology, high speed image processing, to achieve the multi-channel high speed video signal processing, with high definition, high brightness and high color gamut of liquid crystal display technology, the embedded hardware splicing technology, multiple screen image processing technology, such as signal switching technology, forming a has high brightness, high resolution, low power consumption, high life, advanced liquid crystal splicing wall display system.

【 solution features 】
A, liquid crystal splicing wall with 46 inch LCD splicing unit
46 inch LCD splicing unit is currently the top LCD screen after the structure of the professional special treatment.At present, the LCD with excellent display performance, has become a people identify with the ideal display device.The LCD splicing unit with high brightness, high contrast, better color saturation, wider perspective, better reliability, image stability no flicker, long life and other characteristics.
The 46 inch 3 * 3 LCD splicing curtain wall adopts LCD screen through the narrow edge structure design DID screen, edge cut more than double, used for splicing not affect visual result.The LCD splicing screen is super narrow bezel design, splicing gap is only 3.5 mm, multi-purpose at KTV bars, exhibition hall, security monitoring and other fields.
Second, the stable operation of long service life
Splicing screen is very stable, because splicing screen is a kind of liquid crystal display technology is currently one of the most excellent flat-panel display technology, 46 inch 3 * 3 splicing wall using liquid crystal splicing unit tube has more than 60000 hours of service life and stable working long time image without any change.Liquid crystal display technology no need regular replacement of consumable materials equipment, so the maintenance, the maintenance cost is very low.
Third, choose stitching controller characteristics
1, the controller has for splicing screen compensation (adjust graphical reproduction rate).
2, the controller is the most advanced high-speed video processing chip, the application of advanced digital image processing algorithm for real-time segmentation amplifier input video image, has the obvious characteristic: the whole screen clear fluid, bright colour is very realistic, in many times on the single picture segmentation amplification processing, no sawtooth and Mosaic phenomenon, real-time dynamic, joining together the picture clear and bright.Support the 1080 I / 60 hz, achieved truly high-definition real-time image processing.
3, each unit of output signal by the controller without any attenuation, greatly improving the image clarity and stability;Ensure the highest video quality of high-definition signals, the audience see a high quality perfect picture.
The 4, professional video module design, can be run steadily for a long time, meet the demand of working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With all the hardware architecture design, user boot after 5 seconds can be stable output image, the user can directly hard boot and shutdown.
5, can receive composite video (PAL/NTSC)/single way VGA/YPbPr signals.
6 and the parameters of the image (white balance/brightness/contrast/sharpness) automatic adjustment.But in the end of each composition unit of the image of the image pattern (brightness, contrast), color temperature and graphic reproduction rate of any correction Settings;Factory with all kinds of image parameters are set in the standard condition, the user can also be adjusted according to the need of individual parameters, can be the white balance for each output image parameter adjustment, makes comprehensive splicing wall white balance to achieve perfect state as much as possible.

【 scheme advantage 】
1, the feasibility of
Liquid crystal splicing wall can use small screen joining together, also can use screen splicing, splicing can be arbitrary combination (M * N).We will according to different customers on the splicing system proposed by the system size, dimension and application requirements, choose the right product and way of joining together, put forward the concrete implementation plan, meet the application requirements of the system.
2, reliability,
46 inch LCD splicing wall splicing unit used in the 3 * 3 is a special designed for professional monitor screen, splicing unit can work continuously 24 hours a day, splicing unit with high reliability, stability, etc, to ensure the system run stably and reliably.Due to the low power consumption, light weight, long service life, no radiation, etc, make the LCD splicing wall reliability is extremely high, generally working 60000 hours.
Line 3, economic
LCD with its excellent performance, reasonable price, and the service life of up to 60000 hours, stable quality, low maintenance cost, the joining together of is the best cost-effective products.

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