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Zhejiang traffic team 2 LCD splicing wall monitoring solution

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LCD splicing wall areas widely applied for traffic safety, energy, electric power, and other fields of safety monitoring provides a perfect solution, to satisfy the multiple industries and multiple areas of surveillance footage and application requirements.
A complete LCD splicing curtain wall is made of multiple splicing unit in the form of m * n patchwork, in numerous applications, is need a long time continuously running day and night work, which requires the LCD splicing screen has strong stability and reliability.So in the project of zhejiang traffic second team, shunda honor to make a analysis on the project demand and put forward solutions, nice solved as a traffic safety monitoring monitoring display problem that nots allow to ignore.

Shunda glory for traffic team 2 LCD splicing wall monitoring solution
First, the requirements analysis
1, industry characteristics
For traffic safety monitoring and so on detail should not be ignored, the social development of fast, transportation also led to the development of economy, but the rapid development of both economy and vehicles, so cause a lot of traffic accidents, in order to avoid unnecessary traffic accident, the vehicle, reasonable effective monitoring management is necessary, then, video monitoring LCD splicing wall display can implements speed monitoring for each intersection and traffic road vehicle monitoring, at any time to understand and grasp the running situation of the current traffic road and state.
2, environmental characteristics,
Need to each road traffic team control center and each intersection as long as there is under the surveillance camera, LCD need so long, can live in detail for a view and understanding, also can know every place dont pass the monitoring.
Second, the design train of thought
With network cameras to collect directly to the video signal is converted into a standard Ethernet network data packets based approach;
Splicing screen receiver or cabinets for signal receiving and signal conversion to the screen with the signal converter;
Three, system composition
1, equipment selection,
2 * 3 46 inch LCD splicing screen
Unique to samsung DID LCD screens
Shunda rong machine models: NZ46015 - S5 models: original panel LTI460AN01
Screen size (1025.7 * 579.8 * 100 mm) (the machine is 100 mm thickness)
Bilateral physical flat-fell seam 3.9 mm
The best resolution is 1920 x1080
Contrast: 3000:1
The service life of 60000 hours
Accessories: floor stand
2, scope of application
Highway monitoring/urban road monitoring/tunnel monitoring monitoring
Four, system function
1, implement function:
Screen video storage;
Electronic map function: through the electronic map, can display any emergency alarm alarm information;
Network digital matrix function: manual switch, automatic switch, packet switching, timer switch, switch a variety of ways, and can output the picture image segmentation.

2, LCD splicing wall rendering

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