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An electronic science and technology in jiangsu 2 x4 LCD splicing system solutions

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In order to ensure the smooth operation of the internal security and each production operation process, to introduce a electronic technology company in jiangsu shunda LCD splicing screen video monitoring system, by monitoring the picture some unsafe events or emergencies emergency command system, remote scheduling all related image resources, provide the basis for unified deployment of the emergency countermeasures, and methods in the fastest way to solve the problem.
LCD splicing large screen display system as a whole communication command center display platform, a variety of information and communication application system based on liquid crystal splicing display center directly monitoring scheduling.And the use of digital spell wall system of powerful display screen and window function, for many different kinds of real-time information, realizing the resources sharing between systems, and mutual influence, strengthens the coordination, communication, further improve the monitoring, command unified management functions.

The scheme features 】 :
The 2 x4 LCD splicing screen system is composed of 49 inch LCD splicing unit of samsung did patchwork, 49 inch did LCD display unit can realize infinite joining together, any combination, through the bottles of the graphics controller and application management software can achieve large capability variety (IP/RGB/VIDEO signal in the LCD splicing flexible window and full screen display on the wall.
With digital mixed matrix at the same time, it is all the input signal, AV, VGA/RGB, DVI, HDMI, etc all compatible, and according to the number of different signals to tailor the number input interface and 100% make equipment to fit the needs of system.In output technology, digital mixing matrix is innovative digital output stream media technology, all of the output through the RJ45 gigabit front-end ports output, all digital transmission, greatly facilitate the site construction and later maintenance.

【 function 】 :
A, video information display
LCD splicing screen system application of various real-time monitoring video signal through a video matrix (option) part of the signal output to the big screen, after processing through the built-in image processor on the big screen for single, multiple screen, full screen splicing of real-time display, etc.Part of the signal into more screen processor, realization of video signal as or more road all the way in any size, any place real-time display screen in combination.
Second, a variety of signal mixed display mode

The LCD splicing system is mostly RGB signals, network, video signal can be mixed on the big screen shows at the same time.The project of shenzhen shunda honor should be one of electronic science and technology in jiangsu HDNI signal is used to broadcast the real-time demand.

Three, optional picture display
LCD splicing system through the built-in image processor in stitching on the wall to do single, multiple screen, full screen, such as splicing of real-time display, part of the signal can be output to the screen processor RGB input port, at the same time display on the wall splicing implementation across the screen, full screen, roaming and arbitrary scaling, stacking, and other operations, without being limited by the physical flat-fell seam.

【 engineering installation 】 :

2 x4 LCD splicing screen system solutions according to the requirements of the customer to provide venues and shunda glorious historical analysis of engineers decided to adopt hanging rack mounting, in order to ensure high reliability operation, reduce the happening of the fault, it is recommended that the system USES the voltage regulator power supply (to ensure the good grounding, ac grounding resistance < 3 Ω).Liquid crystal splicing screen each power is 350 w, joining together the controller single power is 800 w, other devices (such as matrix, control PC) power consumption of about 300 w.

The LCD splicing system installation rendering

Shenzhen shunda glory technology co., LTD specializing in the production of sales of commercial LCD large-screen Mosaic screen company, providing personalized demand solutions for different areas of industry, through the LCD splicing unit, commercial display terminal display device, and big screen splicing, multiple screen controller, edge fusion, image processor, matrix switcher and other supporting facilities.Provide the LCD splicing system, edge fusion system, information publishing system, security monitoring system, video conference system and its integrated solutions of weak current system integration.

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