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Wenzhou armed police command team meeting TV wall solution

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Armed police force is responsible for national internal security task force given by the state, so in terms of security by for attention, so for any of the harmful social factors must be resisted, so the wenzhou peoples armed police detachment consider using a large screen TV wall in the meeting to discuss and video monitoring can monitor terminal display and meeting to discuss.With the wenzhou peoples armed police detachment choose his rich science and technology cooperation with shenzhen TV wall project, put forward the demand, the best solution is given.

The user demand for personalized demand 】
1, high-definition LCD splicing screen, to monitor the situation of the demonstration center control, emergency treatment, surveillance call view, information release, etc
2, receive signals from the computer terminal or camera
3, durable and stable
The meeting command TV wall【 function 】
A centralized access and display, system
According to user requirements, make the best solution, according to the requirements of wenzhou peoples armed police detachment, meeting TV wall to choose command control system of many subsystems, such as video surveillance subsystem, data transmission subsystem, dispatching subsystem and other professional system management subsystem, video meeting, will focus on access to the control room and ask the display area specified in the stitching on the screen, then respectively by each professional personnel independent control of the application area of content.
Second, the hd display
This is a big users demand, because in the meeting room, so the above resolution is important, to clearly show the picture to to make a solution on the details, breached the difficulty.So this project choose high-definition LCD splicing screen display up to 1366 x N (line), 768 x N (column) or more high resolution 1920 x N (line), 1080 x N (column);Display platform meet hd 晣, large areas of fine display.
More than three, single screen display mode
For each risk event of the outbreak, to monitor multiple Angle display and puts forward solution is armed forces command TV wall to the effect of the meeting room, so the project selection of TV wall there is a LCD screen patchwork, through his foot some control software to one or more large screen TV wall panel and even the whole screen, also able to roam, and other functions.
More than four, signal display
Splicing screen display system is implemented to all video signals, computer workstations, network signal is displayed.Users can video signals, computer workstations, network signal in the form of the window, flexible control and management;Also can realize the video signals, and computer in real time display control, switching operation is convenient and fast.
Five, safe and reliable
At the same time of adopting international advanced technology, strict security and stability in the design of the system performance and process.The system operates completely meet the 7 * 24, 365.In improving the control function of the network, enhance the system control flexibility, security management, design the priority control and access control grade, effectively prevent the illegal operation and wrong operation.

Splicing screen to select the system composition and specification 】
Wenzhou armed police detachment choose 3 x4 55 inches LCD splicing screen system solutions
1, screen LCD splicing system specifications
Screen size (mm), 1215.3 (H) x 686.1 (V) x 68.5 (D) (the machine is 100 mm thickness)
Bilateral physical flat-fell seam 5.3 mm (3.6 mm right 1.7 mm on the left)
The best resolution is 1920 x1080
Brightness 450 CD / ㎡
Viewing Angle (H/V) 178/178 of a degree
The service life of 60000 hours
2, signal processor
Wenzhou armed team meeting TV wall scheme should be user requirements on-site command to select more into the extra HDMI matrix, the matrix, HDMI is a kind of special equipment, used in multiple HDMI inputs and multiple HDMI output connections between switches.

Splicing screen installation
One, the installation environment
According to our company for large surveillance systems engineering experience, decorate Suggestions as follows:
1, whole decorate a style is pure and fresh, color slants cold, with simple and lively as well.
2, regardless of what kind of material use smallpox decoration processing, color white, silver grey or light grey, but should be matte color, surface must not have a strong reflection.
3, wall act the role of board is tonal and lively, with deep lines, proper positions with sound-absorbing material, metope matte.
4, the ground had better use anti-static flooring, carpet, darker, or other not reflective of the ground material.
Second, the installation requirements
1, because customer needs this project choose machine cabinet installation
2, joining together behind the screen should be 0.5 m ~ 1 m maintenance access
3, fire sprinklers to about 1 meter away from the projection enclosure, cannot use water spray fire head, want to use the spray fire extinguishing agent
4, maintenance channel has a separate control of lights, with good air conditioning environment, make the temperature inside the pit lane and a screen in front of the temperature, temperature difference should not be greater than 3 ℃
5, splicing screen working environment temperature is 20 ℃ + / - 5 ℃, relative humidity 10% to 70% without condensation.

Meeting command TV wall rendering

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