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Electric power communication LCD splicing screen solution: shanxi datong state grid LCD splicing wall display system

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One, the project requirements
Electric power communication industry bring convenience to peoples life is self-evident, the development of the society also has a strong demand for electricity, how efficient management and power dispatching communication has become the top priority, so, in order to solve this problem, the shanxi datong state grid in order to improve the efficiency of management, effectively alleviate the problem of these two industries, introduced the LCD splicing screen to implement the monitoring, management needs.
Second, the analysis of the project
Network management center for the convenience of management, communications operators can be used splicing wall display system, the operation of network to provide more comprehensive management and high-resolution mass, according to the high intelligent control system with easy operation.Use of splicing wall system of powerful display screen and window function, such as interactive network, transmission network, signalling network, intelligent network, GSM, GPRS network and other kinds of real-time information release, including digital maps, wireless network base station distribution, network topology structure, real-time network performance status table, real-time alarm table, statistical analysis table showing converge to the same combination.Realizing the resources sharing between system and each other, and enhanced coordination, communication, further improve the network management center, unified management functions.
1, the splicing wall display system
(1) project selection [42 inch LCD splicing screen]
42 inch LCD splicing screen using industrial-grade LCD panel, a high resolution and 500 1920 x1080 CD / ㎡ highlighting, let LCD splicing wall present more clear bright screen, LCD splicing screen using advanced integrated processing chip, stable performance and unique advanced technology such as motion image compensation, effectively guarantee the output image, the effect of support 7 * 24 hours, suitable for the LCD splicing wall display showroom project.
(2) the stitching way [3 x3 joining together]
According to the customer demand project adopts 3 x3 patchwork Mosaic method, embodies the hall display image.
(3) installation wall bracket installation 】 【
Because the customer is for display hall, so based on the survey and the customers requirements, environment using wall bracket for installation and debugging.

2, splicing wall rendering

Shanxi datong state grid splicing wall rendering

3, project summary
Electric power industry is intensive technology intensive and equipment, with the expansion of the scale of power system, power grid management automation level unceasing enhancement, the grid energy management system of the practical level, has been from the traditional SCADA/AGC practical application to power load forecasting, the state estimation of energy management system, safety analysis, voltage reactive power optimization, the practical application of optimal power flow and power application software.This is a new generation power management system with scalability and flexibility, standardization and interoperability, advancement and practicability, security and reliability of design thought.
Liquid crystal splicing wall display system is the display of the electric power dispatching center platform, a number of different power application system based on liquid crystal splicing display center directly monitoring scheduling.Shenzhen ka DE rich science and technology as a commercial brand liquid crystal display (LCD), to provide users with personalized needs solutions, role in security monitoring, KTV bar, traffic control, video conference, etc, and favor by the user.

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