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Sanya, a LCD splicing screen international jewelry city exhibition solutions

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Description of project

Sanya is a tourist resort, its an international jewelry city, in order to fuse the high-end design and promote the mall mall opened the propaganda and effective promotion, products, the introduction of his rich science and technology samsung 55 inches LCD splicing screen to help the smooth completion of the mall.

Second, the demand analysis
The an international jewelry mall project construction main points on areas, stores, exhibition hall, three important area in the early stage of the project design phase, his rich science and technology professional and technical personnel and repeated mall is responsible for the department of application technology exchange, finally determined in the construction of the project USES his rich 55 inch hd LCD splicing display unit, and follow the customer requirements, to the mall to tailor a variety of different combination patchwork plan.Respectively the three areas joining together on the project plan in accordance with the functional areas, of the interpretation of the area by 3 * 10 unit, store has 2 * 2 units respectively splicing, 1 unit matching, 3 * 3 * 2 units splicing, 3 * 3 units, the exhibition hall, there are 2 * 2 units splicing, 3 * 3 units splicing, 3 * 9 units splicing, 2 * 5 vertical screen splicing, liquid crystal display unit for a total of 186 pieces.For splicing unit is divided into many area, convenient for unified management, centralized his rich science and technology personnel control, multiple large screen consists of a main control PC or more F control PC control, very convenient late the store personnel management.

Third, project application advantages
The project selection of card, 55 inch LCD splicing screen with ultra-high resolution, 3.9 the advantage of ultra narrow edge seamless splicing, single resolution of 1920 * 1080, high brightness, 700 CD / ㎡, contrast, 4000:1.The system fully set of high resolution, high brightness, high contrast at an organic whole, have very excellent display performance.Markets exhibition hall to display device has a high-definition images, long life, low power consumption, maintenance free, stringent requirements, his rich science and technology of the 55 inch LCD splicing screen products fully meet the requirements, and are able to carry more perfect display of intelligent management.In stores and showrooms, diverse domestic joining together to decorate, and exquisite display and large screen, was able to walk into the store consumers a strong visual impact, flashing clear hd video playing, can let the consumer feel like immersive.

The relevant person in charge of the mall is stated, the introduction of the sleeve, 55 inch LCD splicing screen, can for sells saves a lot of print ads, passing every day at the feast of the major festivals, will be printing a lot of advertising significantly, the high cost and aging is poor, very waste of resources.But through the LCD splicing screen hd video dynamic product information, not only can make the advertisement cost has declined, the mainest is its effect is better than print advertising effect.Because through vivid beautiful dynamic video playback, can attract more consumers, dynamic video more can deepen consumer impression of the product.And the sets of LCD splicing screen has more than 60000 hours of life, to 7 * 24 hours of continuous work, operating calorific value is small, low power consumption, can let the mall to save energy more than 40%.In addition, Kaldi rich 55 inch LCD splicing screen with digital high-definition interface, with the advanced image splicing processing technology, which can realize for any access to the source to any window, roaming, overlay, adopts dvi signal broadcast, makes the output of the input signal with large screen realize perfect docking.

four, project rendering

(by way of example of a liquid crystal splicing))

five, project summary
The sanya a international jewelry city LCD splicing screen project is completed, is his rich science and technology of LCD splicing screen applied in the field a comprehensive large store hall project, not only well proved the superiority of his rich science and technology products, more proved his rich LCD splicing of comprehensive strength of science and technology.Kaldi rich technical personnel in the installation and debugging of system with responsible, project installation will be through continuous testing, strive to provide customers with the most perfect display system.At present, this set of display system has been open to the public use, according to the set of system value effect got the mall leaders and the general customer consistent high praise.Later, his rich science and technology also will continue to provide customers with perfect and customized service entire case, keep his rich science and technology of LCD splicing screen brand unique advantage position in the industry of commercial display.

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