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KTV rooms 2 * 2 LCD splicing screen solution

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LCD splicing screen applications, many are applied to some places of entertainment, especially in the KTV, use more LCD splicing screen as a terminal display device, both in scope and the service life of the KTV is the preferred big screen TV wall, shunda glory at the request of shenzhen a KTV provide 2 * 2 KTV rooms LCD splicing screen solution for problem solving.
Shenzhen shunda glory technology co., LTD. To provide a large LCD screen display products, will be the most excellent high-definition digital LED display technology, seamless splicing technology control, image processing technology, multi-channel signal switching technology, network technology, the centralized control technology etc, to form a with high brightness, high definition, high intelligence, operation method of advanced liquid crystal splicing curtain wall.At present the most narrow frame design, full screen hd display, up to 1080 p;Present to the customer the perfect picture beyond imagination.Hd exquisite quality, fully meet your professional critical eye.
KTV rooms LCD splicing screen 【 features 】
1. The new imported industrial highlighted DID the LCD panel
2. Signal recognition: automatic identification of PAL/NTSC display
3. The integrated multiplex video signal source: HDMI, DVI, VGA, composite video;Composite video can amplify on the output;
4. The embedded 3 d video bright color separation circuit unit
5. Embedded 3 d processing line by line and frame frequency conversion circuit unit
6. The built-in 3 d digital signal noise reduction unit
7. The whole hardware architecture, without CPU and operating system, no virus infection risk, good safety
More than 8 bus parallel processing, dealing with powerful functions
9. RS - 232 serial remote control: each unit support RS - 232 ring out two road, real-time control, without delay
10. Easy to operate, with HMT - CONTROL software can be flexible to operating system

11. Can open the underlying communication protocol, making it easy for users to adopt flexible third party control system or to software construction

2 * 2 LCD splicing screen renderings

Shenzhen LCD splicing screen is a KTV rooms with 2 * 2 way of joining together, this is according to the size of the room to decide by a few screen splicing, flexibility, meet user requirements, in this scenario shunda rong also especially considerate of the guests of the KTV, in improving the control function of the network, enhance the system control flexibility, security management, design the priority control and access control grade, effectively prevent the illegal operation and wrong operation.
KTV roomsThe LCD splicing screen solution【 】 advantage in
1. To screen the picture any combination (MxN), support the relation mixed magic joining together
After more than 2. Screen splicing to bar, realizing the rapid and contour and the atmosphere is perfect fusion
3. Automatic synchronous adjustment technology to solve the regular players play the phenomenon of dynamic images are not synchronized, make the picture without delay and trailing, real-time, smooth naturally
4. Support frame compensation function: built-in framework compensation function, completely eliminate physical flat-fell seam, bring the whole image of natural transition, perfect stitching effect
5. Intelligent temperature control function: the mainboard built-in constant temperature control system, industrial fan design standards, ultra-quiet design, cooling fan machine longer life;
6. The structure design is suitable for wall, hoisting installation, install easily
7. Sheet metal structure, good resistance to electromagnetic interference ability
Shenzhen shunda glory technology co., LTD. Relying on abundant resources and strong technical foundation, through the research and application for many years, the company has accumulated a large number of advanced and mature of the liquid crystal display technology and the design scheme, provide the most professional and authoritative LCD splicing wall project design, technical consultation, engineering construction and complete services.Create "customers preferred LCD splicing wall" and the "most reliable enterprise".

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