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Subway platform of intelligent traffic solutions - outdoor advertising machine

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Todays society, there is demand will be supply, when consumers no brand choice, always enter the store choice, it is there a way you can guide consumers?Well, by the way, that is advertising, newspapers, media, television, network and so on are now the dominant form of advertising, as a stream of oversize subway station?Do not appropriate, newspaper media is not good, also not line, TV network not reality, at this timeOutdoor advertising machineInoculation.

Subway is super flow populated places, stream of people that call for more than a every day, for the release of outdoor advertising, is many merchants will take place.

Subway, as current urbanite is one of the best means of transport, especially to and from work.Static advertisements cannot have satisfied consumers, is not effective in time to catch consumers eyeball, instead, the lifelike dynamic images, let a person find everything new and fresh, vivid, cant forget for a long time, the unconscious consumption idea is generated.

In recent years, with the interactive network and multimedia technology, published in the form of media and timely handling of customer feedback information of the outdoor LCD advertising machine in the outdoor advertising market is very popular, has now been applied, and the application is still in development.

Subway LCD advertising machine generally adopt open interface, can be a variety of application integration, with special liquid crystal display, realize the automated broadcast 24 hours a day, attract the attention of the target audience, perfect all kinds of advertising information.

Along with market competition intensifying, believe that the future of customers of the advertising machine design intervention, brand design, performance, new technology and follow-up service demands will be more and more high, design the perfect solution for outdoor advertising machine and perfect follow-up service, who can get customers, gallop on advertising machine market.

Shenzhen shunda rong focus on science and technology co., LTDOutdoor advertising machine, liquid crystal splicing screen, LCD advertising machine research and development production and sales, with independent research and development technical support its structural and electronic properties of high reliability and advanced nature, for a few metro offers a variety of outdoor advertising machine, integrated LCD outdoor advertising machine.

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