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Zhengzhou city traffic police brigade command center splicing screen solution

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In order to create a harmonious and stable, smooth and peaceful traffic environment, the traffic police brigade command center task difficult and onerous.Comprehensive upgrade of the second generation super vision LCD splicing video walls can be seamlessly by monitoring the video, computer, Internet data streams, video conference, real-time image information, alarm information for the decision of command, with high-tech traffic management measures, to strengthen the effect of traffic management, implementation of science and technology strong police, timely handling of the traffic accident management goals are met.
Zhengzhou city traffic police brigade command center of industrial LCD screen built by shenzhen Cadillac rich technology co., LTD.The command center splicing screen display system used the 56 inches, 4 * 4 can fully meet the needs of the traffic police brigade command center information to accept processing, LCD splicing screen display system is traffic command and application of a typical engineering case.

The traffic police brigade command center splicing screen system function requirements
System used in traffic accidents and other information collection, transmission, processing, as well as disaster and disaster reduction decision support and scheduling command, in consultation with the command system engineering, in consultation with video command system is an important work of affect the operation of the whole decision support.
The large screen splicing system solutions in ankang PingLi traffic police brigade command center mainly realize the following functions:
Auxiliary decision-making, hd display system information collected: the system of collecting, sorting all kinds of information, and all kinds of analysis and calculation results of the model, according to the need of decision-making, in the form of the most simple show transportation policy makers, to help decision makers quickly and accurately understand the traffic situation, analyse and judge the pros and cons of various scheduling schemes, supporting them better make the right decisions.
Big screen splicing system workflow:
Big screen display system mainly has four parts: the display, the information processing equipment, signal source, connecting line.Information processing equipment including image mosaicing, matrix, such as large screen control software, signal used to provide monitoring, video and audio signals, including PC, cameras, DVD players, etc.
Big screen display system implementation command scheduling work process is as follows:
Signal source all kinds of audio information collection, transmission through the network to the information processing equipment;
Information processing equipment, using its own function respectively convert the signal into a large screen can receive state, and through the transmission line input to the big screen;
Processed information transmitted to the big screen, the realization of human-computer interaction, direct management staff carries on the analysis, calculation, monitoring and control, and according to the acquired information management scheduling.

Above is big screen splicing scheme of the system, based on the above scheme can see a big screen splicing display system in different environments splicing solutions will also be different, for large screen splicing scheme usually consists of large screen manufacturers provide installation services all the way, in order to ensure the normal operation of splicing systems, so that large screen splicing system in a certain extent, to achieve the desired effect of the safety and reliability and information transmission.

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