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Hubei bus dispatching center LCD splicing wall solution

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A, project background
Bus travel is very important for every city, as part of the roads which are crowded in the city, in order to ensure the normal order of the can bus, effective and smooth passage, dispatching command is important to work, in order to be rapid, complete, detailed introduction to the train, bus information, thus for scheduling command.Hubei for dispatching center introduced 9 decca 46 inch of splicing screen 3 x3, samsung LCD splicing wall, used for car dispatching center in hubei province.
Second, the solution characteristics
System using wireless network technology, wireless video transmission technology, satellite navigation and positioning technology, computer network technology and digital hd display technology, successfully constructed a can of multi-level system of vehicle monitoring services covering the whole country, the use of computer, through the network monitoring range can be as the target, amplification, narrow place, making them remain on the screen, window, vehicles, multi-screen track at the same time;To meet the needs of the vehicles safety, quick, accurate, improve service ability of vehicles, the utilization rate of personnel, the standard scientific management level and reduce the personnel cost.
Three, program implementation
1, dispatching center LCD splicing wall system
As display terminal of scheduling command system, for a long time and stable operation is the essential performance of splicing screen.Kaldi rich samsung 46 inch splicing screen using the advanced LED backlight technology, tube service life is long, and have the ability to continue to use and can be 7 * 24 hours of continuous work, and ensure the high brightness of the screen at the same time, can decrease the temperature of the screen, reduce energy consumption.And, in the picture has a full hd of 1920 * 1080 resolution, 700 CD / ㎡ screen brightness, 1209.6 mm * 680.4 mm of viewing area, ensure the more display content and clear picture quality.

2, installation and debugging
Hubei/car LCD splicing wall thin volume, dispatching center is equipped with a series of rich, including hanging bracket installation accessories, convenient installation, simple maintenance, his rich science and technology professional engineering staff and USES the VGA matrix and VGA signal lines, to achieve the picture to help users quickly complete content editing and playing, and free to arrange play content.

3, liquid crystal splicing wall rendering

Four, advantage
1 and realize the unified dispatching command, improve the efficiency of traffic management.
2, fatigue driving overspeed alarm, alarm, and automatically switch to monitor screen to the police vehicles, to ensure driving safety.
3, location tracking, real-time monitoring, effectively avoid risk, etc.
Five, the plan summary
Bus scheduling command system, as the bus management system, with a multitude of information, such as train position information and the information about bus traffic information, the station shall be reported to the point.So much information to show media request is also high.Shenzhen ka DE rich technology co., LTD. As a well-known commercial display manufacturers, launched by joining together with a high-definition display effect, narrow stitching seam, low energy consumption, stable data transmission and strong environment adaptiveness, effectively meet the bus dispatching command system demand for large amounts of information display, the project completion to get the bus dispatching center highly appreciated.

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