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Kaldi rich LCD splicing screen power energy group, shandong Qingdao security dispatch control solutions

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A, project background
Qingdao energy group, the main energy construction management and service promotion, etc.In the energy industry, energy security is a powerful guarantee for the stable development.Energy security can include its involves various important infrastructure and energy system, etc., with the advancement of industrial automation, informationization process, energy security needs a set of security system to guarantee the stability of its day-to-day operations.Therefore, Qingdao energy group introduced a sleeve, LCD splicing screen, for the safety monitoring and information scheduling command, to strengthen the safety production and management efficiency, improve the production scheduling command advanced and quickness, finally realizes the information management of production safety.

Second, the project product selection
Due to the energy industry users need to display device can run safely for a long time, and hope to minimize power consumption during the operation, at no cost energy to the maintenance of a large number of late.In addition, as a safety monitoring and information application scheduling command function, display devices not only need to have flexible switching function, also need to have hd pictures showed effect.Technology, Kaldi rich technical personnel with the user requirements and working conditions in the energy industry, for its recommended chose his rich 55 inch LCD splicing screen samsung ultra narrow edge, the commercial screen with ultra-high resolution, long life, energy conservation, environmental protection, high durability, low failure rate characteristics, very suitable for the project put into use.

3, project product advantage
The sleeve, 55 inch samsung ultra narrow side LCD splicing screen has a very small flat-fell seam 3.9 mm, so narrow slits with the advanced sewing technology, can really achieve domestic seamless Mosaic picture effect.1920 * 1080 single resolution, screen splicing more clearly.Adopt unique to samsung DID LCD screen, 4000:1 contrast and color temperature of 10000 k, designed for video display, have the characteristics of high brightness high definition, even in the sunlight, is still perfect, according to is to screen high definition display the icing on the cake.Secondly, more than 60000 hours of long life and stability under 7 * 24 hours of continuous work become Kaldi rich 55 inch samsung ultra narrow side LCD splicing screen a big advantage, greatly help for this project to wield power.Kaldi rich science and technology and technical personnel, meanwhile, also the actual situation of the poor working conditions for the energy industry, has developed a protection against dust, intelligent temperature control mode and so on a series of protection features, and USES the advanced LED backlight system, can effectively reduce the screen surface temperature, reduce the residual image, ensure the safety of the equipment used.

And, more importantly, joining together the 55 inches of liquid crystal screen support more than one splice screen matrix, adopts centralized control method, multiple large screen consists of a main control PC or more F control PC control, make its can show production dispatching automation, security monitoring, digital information resources integration of centralized control management, and can let the staff of a comprehensive centralized management, real time control of the energy and information monitoring, including command scheduling process management, and other important information, and visual display on the big screen mine production all images and data analysis.Kaldi rich LCD splicing screen the reliable, stable, fast response, comprehensive display platform, on the accident prevention, monitoring, rescue and command, and on reducing accident rate and reduce property loss, is of great significance.

Fourth, the project structure

Project USES the machine cabinet 3 line 4 units joining together, not only convenient, also can show the perspective of the broadest in the video image.Display device adopts DVI signal to play, DVI is digital signal transmission, do not need any conversion, digital image information will be transmitted directly to the display device faster, high efficiency and on time and data transmission using the DVI signal attenuation, no color pure lifelike, the picture is clear, also can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of ghosting.In addition, with the outer screen processor, more can show different physical output of various content on the video to full screen or window mode display multiple DVI video information.

Five, the project results

Six, project summary
His rich science and technology for the energy group LCD splicing program is very perfect, his rich science and technology will be the most outstanding, high definition, high brightness, high color LCD splicing screen and screen LCD splicing technology, more advanced image processing technology, signal switching technology, such as collection, forming a high performance, low power consumption, high resolution, high clear liquid crystal splicing display system, extension, good performance, provides the energy group, a leading global display equipment and professional advanced commercial solutions, and improve the work efficiency, guarantee safety has played an important role.

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