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Meeting a liquid crystal display plan: xi an town meeting room liquid crystal display system

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A, project background
As a township government service office, management and party affairs, it is various, in order to strengthen the communication of each office, shorten the decision-making time, improve the ability of dealing with special events, improve the efficiency of the meeting, save administrative costs, xi an, a town meeting room introduce shunda technology of LCD display system, the whole system is mainly used for information release and communication conference, boost the efficiency of government meeting.
Second, the system design principle
Display terminal on the one hand, can be realized through the access to the local video conferencing terminals, construct a set of complete video conference system, realize the local conference "real-time, visual, interactive" new experience, also can through the LAN or wan connected with the lower to the branches, which can realize multiple water department meeting.On the other hand can also realize the hd display of the image information, important events information release, strengthen communication and exchanges of the meeting.
Three, the system characteristics
Shunda rong display terminal technology of LCD display system by 46 inch ultra narrow edge stitching unit, through 3 x3 is constructed from the splicing patterns.46 inch ultra narrow edge stitching unit adopts advanced integrated processing chip, has the DNX image processing technology, 10 high-speed processing operations, 3 d bright color separation, 3 d digital noise reduction, the unique advanced technology such as motion image compensation, effectively guarantee the effect of the output image.700 CD/m2 brightness, the resolution of 1920 * 1080 p, 178 degree viewing Angle display system is very suitable for the meeting room.

four, project rendering

Six, project summary
This display system based on shunda rong professional engineers review with VGA signal through the matrix and the user demand in 16 out of 16 input, after processing the on screen display.Display effect is highly recognized by our clients, shunda glory technology for many years with industry leading products and quality service provide power for the development of numerous users.Its production of the commercial liquid crystal display products (LCD splicing screen, LCD advertising machine, touch all-in-one PC, LCD monitor, etc.) is applied to financial, transportation, energy and other industries, plays an important effect in different systems.

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